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IV Therapy Add Ons

Glutathione IV 
Often called the mother of all antioxidants, it is an excellent add-on for most infusions. Glutathione decreases as we age and has several important functions. It helps remove toxins and free radicals, cellular repair and can improve the appearance of your skin. See the resource page for further information. It is highly recommended!
Add to your IV infusion drip for only $25-40 or as a stand alone drip up to $115. Or ask about a package price. 

B12 Injection $25
D3 Injection $40
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IV Therapy Services


Formulas Offered

Prices Do Not Include Tax


Modified Myer's

This is our most popular formula. Whether you are already focusing on prevention or battling the symptoms of colds and flu, this is an excellent choice. This formula contains some electrolytes, minerals, several B vitamins, and a nice dose of vitamin C. Glutathione is highly recommended as an add-on to round out this great drip option.



Hey ladies, Is your time of the month stopping you in your tracks? This infusion can help the cramping and get you back to living your best life.


Low Dose Vitamin C, 5-15g

Vitamin C is an essential nutrients that is generally very safe with minimal side effects. Our bodies use vitamin C in numerous functions. Many studies support the use of Vitamin C for people who have had or are currently battling a cancer diagnosis. It can even be used while taking some chemotherapies. 



Did you have a little too much fun last night? Dehydration, nausea, and headaches can end quickly with this formula. A very popular choice to schedule ahead for New Year’s Day, birthday parties, or the morning after the bachelor/bachelorette parties. We can offer discounts depending on your party size.


Fatigue - Jet Lag

Has traveling or your schedule left you with not enough pep in your step? This would be a good option for a pick me up.  Contains several B vitamins including B 12 and vitamin C. Glutathione can also give you a nice boost.


High Dose Vitamin C, 20-75g

these doses are usually given at the direction of a physician and do require a lab test to start them. We are happy to consult with you regarding these infusions.

Need more than 1-2 infusion? Ask about our package prices. 



Migraines can be debilitating! Do you have a meeting or birthday party you can’t miss? This formula can help with symptoms often associated with these terrible headaches including nausea and pain.



we offer just a plain 1 liter bag of IV fluids to rehydrate you as well if that’s all you desire or require

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