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Frequently Asked Questions



How does the process work? 

You will go on our IV Services Formula page and choose a formula to suit your needs. If you are unsure give us a call and we are happy offer you a free consultation. You can go to the Contact Us on the bottom of our webpage or call our number to set up and appointment time that works for you and your nurse. Please allow your nurse some time to return your call if she is with another client. Since we are mobile at this time there may be a gas/mileage fee added depending one where you are located.  If you have more than one person getting an infusion that fee may be waived, After your appointment is set up you will be emailed a Client Health Intake Form and a client agreement we ask you complete prior to your appointment time. The Client Health Intake for can be accessed on our IV Services page.  

At your appointment your nurse will review your health history, take your vital signs and do a brief assessment to make sure an infusion is safe and suits your needs. 

What do I need for my appointment?

We can do your infusion in a recliner, on a couch or even your bed if you are not feeling well. Its a good idea to have a snack before hand if you are able to eat a little something. A blanket can be nice as sometimes the infusions can make you feel chilled. O


What is in the infusion?

Our formulas do vary to target different but all contain variations of naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants that formulated to help move you towards optimal health. 


How Long Does The Appointment Last?

Most appointments take around 90 minutes but can be a bit more or less. Higher dose vitamin C drops need to dog over a longer period of time. We will make sure we take your vital signs before and make sure you understand everything before we start your infusion. 

Why Are Some Of the Infusions Yellow? 

Any of our bags that contain B Complex vitamins will appear yellow in color.

Is The Infusion Painful?

You may experience pressure or a cool sensation as the infusion is started but it should NOT be painful. It is similar to having lab work done. 

What Will I Feel During The Infusion?

You should not feel any pain or discomfort. Some people experience the taste of vitamins or feel cold. Blankets, warm beverages or warm packs can help with that. Otherwise you will just rest during your infusion. 

What Will  I Feel After the Infusion?

What you experience after can depend on several factors as we are all different. How hydrated you are, your general state of nutrition, presence of chronic or short term medical conditions can all influence your experience. Most people notice a change within 24 hours of the infusion but some may notice it later than 24 hours and some even during the infusion. If you experience any side effects good or bad during your infusion, your nurse would like to know.  

How Often Should I Get An Infusion?

During your initial consultation with the healthcare provider, you will discuss this best suited to your specific needs. The frequency of Infusion treatments will be dependent on what you are coming in for. Many patients come weekly or biweekly to maintain hydration and vitamin levels and prevent cold, flu, and fatigue. Others come prior to or after a big event such as an athletic competition, wedding, or big trip. Many patients come before and after surgery and some patients come just when they are feeling fatigued or under the weather. Always ask our medical team if you’re unsure about how often you should be getting Infusion treatments.

How Much Does This Service Cost?

Our prices for infusions and injections are listed on the menu and vary slightly depending on the ingredients and their costs. Our medical director oversees our very experienced registered nurses that have over 30 years of experience starting IVs and caring for patients. Our vitamins and minerals were carefully chosen and are not synthetic.  

Supply chain issues are effecting medical supplies and have effected prices. We do not take insurance but our services qualify for use with HSA and FSA. 

Does Holistic Essentials Accept Insurance?  

At this time we do not accept insurance. We do accept debit and credit cards or Health Saving Accounts or Flexible Saving account cards(HSA/FSA).

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